The Box Is Not Your Friend, Maru

You love the box, Maru. This we all know. You draw comfort from its cardboard embrace as it cradles you in solitude. But the box does not love you, Maru.

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Maru’s Tail Does the Thinking

Maru lies in the box. A master of relaxation, he possesses a Zen-like ability to slow his bodily functions so that he achieves pure stillness. Except his tail, which does most of the thinking. Maru’s tail cannot fit into the box. This is untidy and vexes Maru’s tail. There can be only one solution: A smaller box.

Makes sense to me, Andrew Y. and Lois M.

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Kentucky Fried Maru

After too much fried chicken, Maru needs a special support garment that gives his giblets room to breathe. That’s when it’s time for Sexy Maru Bucket, which lets his gravy-filled belly dangle free and also allows him to “push out (his) buttocks more sexily and more highly” and now I need a shower just for having typed that. (The video also shows how to make Sexy Maru Bucket, but with Maru the question is never “how?” but “why?”)

Via Andrew Y. and Gigi the cat lady.

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