The Puppy Pillow Problem

“(Um, OK… she’s asleep. Now what do I do? What if I need to move or something? What if I get an itch? Not that I have an itch, but I could get an itch, in fact I probably will get an itch unless I stop thinking about… darn it, now I have an itch.)”

“(And of course it’s going to be THAT ear, because why not?)”

File this under “nice problems to have,” Andrew Y. (Via Imgur.)

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Every Hot Dog Has its Day

Today is National Hot Dog Day, the day we get to thank
The portable pup that fills you up, the handy, humble frank
It’s great with mustard and relish, that’s a winner every time
Or chili or ‘kraut, without a doubt. But not ketchup, that’s a crime.
But no matter what we pile on top, we prize what’s underneath
That’s why I say on my hot dog today I want nothing but my teeth!

I like to start in the middle!
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And finally: Duck Down

via Dana D.

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