It’s a Pig’s Life

In the cozy sitting room tucked away inside his palatial Palm Springs estate, billionaire Peter Percival Porkenbarrel unwinds after a tiring day of being extremely rich. Surrounded by the accouterments of comfort and style, he is particularly pleased with his latest acquisition, a portrait by the painter Malcolm Oink-Hogge.

No, I did NOT make my fortune in pork bellies. That’s a sick rumor.

I hear he has a silk purse, Sharon H. (via Imgur.)

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Links: Gold-Medal Cuteness

And finally: No, You Move

Wow, that escalated quickly, Elizabeth G.

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Put On Your Thinking Pup

In this age of information overload, sometimes our brains need a little help. That’s why there’s Thinking Pupâ„¢, the brain augmentation system. Thinking Pup sits comfortably on your head and snaps you out of your computer doldrums by reminding you of important tasks, such as going out for walks and using the can opener.

“You really don’t want to re-tweet that, trust me.”

It saved my career, Sharon H. (via Reddit.)

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