Black Sheep of the Family

Yeah, you might say I’m a bit unorthodox for a sheep. Don’t follow the herd much, tend to go my own way. Also, not really down with that whole vegetarian thing, I’d rather have a nice cheeseburger or leg of lamb. I guess basically what it comes down to is, I’m a dog.

Also, I can’t breathe right now, but that’s cool because oxygen is overrated anyway.

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Guarding the Galaxy… And Sheep

This is the story of five robotic sheepdogs who protect the galaxy from the evil space wizard Lord Dacron, and also watch over a herd of sheep when there’s nothing else happening. Whenever the herd is threatened by Lord Dacron’s cyber-wolves, our heroes combine into the mighty warrior known as… Doltron!

Instead of herding us, we could all just ride around in that thing. Just saying.

Farmer spends £2,000 converting car into a sheepdog, found by Sharon H.

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Links: Nice Day for a Wide Wedding

And finally: It’s Like Do-eee-og on Your Wedding Day

We started with a wedding, so let’s end with the reception. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? (via Paul P.)

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