Hamster Dog Loves Real Dogs

When you’re the only one of your kind, the world is your family. That’s the lesson learned by Cheesecake, an easygoing capybara who’s been at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas since she was a baby. Cheesecake began to care for the shelter’s foster pups, and it’s become a true calling. “She would adopt them and she’d sleep with them and eat with them, and she’d discipline them too if they were naughty,” says sanctuary founder Janice Wolf.

Found on Shareably by Faye.

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It’ll Drive You to Drink

In international news, the tiny kingdom of Lagerstan has been rocked by scandal after the King of Beer revealed that Queen Priscilla Pink-Champagne has not been seen on her royal throne in over a fortnight. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the queen may be in the company of jet-setting playboy Jose Cuervo at his mansion in Margaritaville.

(I’m so lonely, I need a shot of Crown Royal.)

Cheers, Sharon H.

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