The Tale of Hopalong Warren

Now this here’s the story of Hopalong Warren
A timid young buck who found fearlessness foreign
A farmer by trade, he grew lettuce and carrots
When he wasn’t hiding from weasels and ferrets
They ravished his radicchio, kidnapped his kale
So much that he barely had food left for sale
One day he said “Dang it! I’ve had quite enough!
“If I had a horse, then I’d look mighty tough.”
But fear overtook him. He laid down and cried.
“Those horses are tall! I’m too timid to ride!”
But his friend Leo Toll had an old hobby horse
Warren asked “Can I borrow it?” Leo said “Of course.”
And on it he sat in the midst of his field
With a gunslinger’s gaze that said “I shall not yield.”
From then on the raids from the varmints did cease
And that’s how Leo Toll’s toy brought Warren peace.

Yippie-kai-yay, comrade.

Via Imgur.

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