Meet Ernie Pooh

Ernie Pooh is a large pile of cotton with a dog inside.

Ernie Pooh lives in a magical land with other sentient cotton piles.

Ernie Pooh must inspect all electronic equipment.

Ernie Pooh will not be intimidated by Samurai Bear.

Ernie Pooh is into some really freaky stuff.

. . 小・中・大シリーズPart2 . 3段重ね🐻🐻🐶 . . . #小中大シリーズ . .

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Good night, Ernie Pooh!

Ernie Pooh was sent in by Andrew Y.

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Such a Delicate Snowflake

Reader Judith L. shares a story: “Comanche, the 150-lb Mastiff, was so comfortable at a party last night that she decided to lie down among the humans in her kitchen. I asked her dad if I could put my headband on her, and this is the pic that resulted. She looks unhappy, but I think she liked being a princess for 30 seconds. Then she ate the headband.”

I feel so… dainty.
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