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And finally: How Was Your Day?

Did it start with an early morning cuddle followed by delicious meelks? Did you get to run and play and get fresh air and then more cuddles and meelks? Then you aren’t as lucky as this baby wombat, found by Murray C.

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Nail Clip-Purse

Dog grooming solution has one hangup: the dog

Kendal Peifer loves Oliver, her family’s rescue dog with an aversion to getting his nails clipped. “It’s very difficult to keep him still while clipping nails,” Kendal told BuzzFeed. So Kendal’s dad bought a secondhand purse, cut four leg holes in the bottom, and hung Oliver up to dry.

Up to dry? Wait, when was I moist?

The makeshift rig worked perfectly, and soon Oliver had a lovely set of freshly cut nails — along with an expression of Zen-like calm.

If you could give this thing a gentle push, that would be nice.

After sharing photos of her dad’s ingenuity on Twitter, the photos spread at a rapid clip, racking up over 70,000 retweets and a few inquiries as to his marital status.

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And finally: You Saw it, Didn’t You?

Oh yeah, Amy F., I definitely saw… it… whatever it was.

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