Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Well, do they? This blonde raccoon can’t answer that question, but it’s clear that they get plenty of food! OM NOM NOM NOM

(Update: Video appears to be unavailable on this site, but you can view the video on Instagram. Worth the click, I assure you. Never mind, the video is back.)

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And This Is the Dog Nose Room

This is where we keep all of the dog noses, so if you ever need a dog nose you can just come on down here to the dog nose room and get a dog nose. You gotta keep the door closed, because they tend to run.

Get it? “Run”? Because they’re noses and… fine, I’ll shut up.

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And finally: Otterly Fascinated

At a recent alternative energy exposition, Dr. Otto Otterby operated a device used to demonstrate a form of perpetual energy — namely, himself.

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