The Eternal Struggle of Flesh Blob vs. Strawberry

In the frozen foods section of Nature’s majestic realm, even small fruits must adapt or perish. Here, we see a frozen strawberry under attack by a large sentient flesh blob. Again and again, the blob attacks, but the wily strawberry confuses the beast by being cold. Soon, the blob tires of the game, and the strawberry survives to fight another day.

My money’s on the strawberry, Faye

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Pitch a Few of Those Down Here!

“And Sandsberg swings for strike three, and that is the end of the inning. And so, as the players change sides for the seventh inning, let’s take a break and cut to the ‘Hungry Dog Coveting Other People’s Garlic Fries Cam,’ sponsored by the makers of Food, reminding you: Food, it’s what’s for dinner.”

I see you have garlic fries. I, too, enjoy garlic fries.

Via Imgur.

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