The Eternal Struggle of Puppy and Lint Roller

In the unforgiving walk-in closet of Nature’s majestic realm, different species are often set at cross purposes. In this video, a puppy expresses its displeasure with a lint roller, who has spoiled an afternoon’s work by cleaning the hair he shed all over the sofa. Again and again, the enraged puppy strikes, but the lint roller is unyielding. Weary of the battle, the puppy retreats to seek trash cans it can tip over.

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Pow! Right in the Lucky Charms!

Through the streets and alleys, across backyards and fields, Bertrand chased the wily leprechaun, until at last he discovered the location of the buried treasure. As the greedy dog frantically dug to claim his prize, he suddenly felt a strange tickling sensation on his backside…

Double rainbow all the way!

Really puts the “ow” in “rainbow,” Sharon H.

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Whoa, So That’s a School…

“Yep, Becky Fuzzbottom says that Becky’s mom’s best friend says that only the really special bears get to go there. They get free food and they get to play with toys and learn how to be really smart and stuff. Bet it’s really cool. But you have to wear clothes or they won’t let you in.”

“Well, maybe we could sneak in when nobody’s looking.”

“What, are you suicidal? Those are M2 Browning machine guns in each of those guard towers! Plus they have men with Uzis walking the perimeter, snipers in the trees, and the entire field between here and the complex is full of land mines. Someone is really serious about keeping us out of that place.”

You could even say they’re (wait for it) loaded for bear.

_DSC3600, by Arend Vermazeren, licensed under CC BY 2.0 (here’s the reference if you need it)

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