The Adventures of Jack & Jill, ep. 19: A Bright-Eyed Ambush-y Tale

The twin turboprop smoldered in its freshly-dug crater. By some miracle, Jill and I had been thrown clear of the wreckage with only a few bruises to show for it. We were on foot now, but it didn’t matter. Before us stood the entrance to Castle Bratwurst, headquarters of the entire F.L.O.O.F organization. Somewhere within its twisted dungeons, we’d find our pail of water.

“I have been expecting you,” said an unseen voice as the heavy doors slammed shut behind us. I recognized the thick Bavarian accent at once; so Dr. Von Schlapp was the mastermind all along. “I believe you have been searching for this,” he cackled, “but I’m afraid you are too late. It seems Kevin has grown fond of it.”

Guarding our pail was a fierce, hideous creature whose dead, disapproving eyes watched our every move and whose razor-sharp fangs flashed with every leering lick of its lips. “Stand back, Jill!” I commanded, “and hand me your makeup kit with its powder-puff applicator. I’ve got an idea so crazy, it just — might — work!

That rabbit’s got a vicious streak a mile wide! It’s a killer!

I can’t watch, Sharon H.!

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