Special Delivery

If you carrot all, use Peeg Express

Your produce is precious, so why trust it to just any shipping company? Peeg Express will delicately convoy your carrots, bring your broccoli, transport your turnips, and lug your lettuce anywhere you need it to go.

Ella 😄#guineapig #petsarefamily

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Animal Magnetism

The KraftyKidz Scientific Toy Company has announced a recall of its “Fun With Electromagnets” toy set. Due to a purchasing error, the kit does not include the harmless low-power electromagnet advertised on the box but instead includes an industrial grade magnet capable of attracting metal as small as tooth fillings. If you have this product, please discontinue use and return for full refund.

KEVIN!!! TURN IT OFF!!! (via Imgur)

I had a filling this would happen, Sharon H.

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Wombat Housekeeping

Wombats can be very handy around the house. For example, they know exactly what to do with a vacuum cleaner: wrestle with it. And they’re always ready to pull the sheets off the bed when you need them to. And when you don’t need them to. Yes, take it from the foster wombat experts at Sleepy Burrows — bring a wombat into your home, and you’ll never need to do housekeeping again. Because there won’t be any point.

Submitooted by Murray C., and hurriedly posted today because someone on Facebook told all their friends that we have Wombat Wednesdays here and I didn’t want to make a liar out of her. 😉

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