Baroo for Two

“Welcome to another episode of ‘Who Gives a Crap?’ I’m Bob Slobknob and joining me as always is my co-host Buffy McHaircut. And it looks like we’ve got another long list of things not to give a crap about — right, Buffy?”

“Right you are, Bob. In our first hour we won’t be giving a crap about war, famine, income inequality, and why you’re not supposed to button all the buttons on men’s suits. But first, here’s our no-depth investigation on rising sea levels.”

Things that make you go “baroo?”

Via Reddit. PS: The company named on the box actually does give a… fair measure of concern for sanitation in the developing world. (Thanks to Smartypants for tracking that down.)

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Links: (woof.)

And finally: Should’a Picked Door Number Three

Because I definitely don’t like what’s in the box, and the feeling’s mutual.

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