Perfect Portions Every Time!

Counting your carbs but always measure out too much pasta? Then you need Snakeghetti™, the amazing new kitchen tool from NOMTOMCO. Snakeghetti encourages sensible carb intake in just three easy steps: 1. Leave pasta near Snakeghetti; 2. Watch as Snakeghetti automatically measures out the correct portion; 3. Run screaming from kitchen because holy crap there’s a snake in the kitchen!

That way you get some exercise too.

Via Imgur.

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Links: So He’s an Emperor Now?

Nils Olav, the most famous king penguin in the world, parades his way to a new honour (Edinburgh Zoo, via Tina K.)

“And those uniforms are OUT! From now on they dress like herring.”

Tiny kitten pulled from wall (The Dodo, via 6rabbits. See the full rescue here.)

America’s Only Dog Mayor Gets Elected to Third Term (Mental Floss, via Sharon H.)

Cormorant Minnesota Mayor Duke.jpg_7792545_ver1.0_1280_720
I ate the chicken in every pot.

This Bengal Cat Called Thor Has Fur Fit For A Superhero (Yahoo News, via Andrew Y. More pictures from Thor’s human on Imgur.)

Hey there, tiger.

Aaaaaaaaaaand death by bunnies.

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