Don’t Let Kitties Go Boxless

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It’s a little snug. I normally wear a size 4.

Via Twitter.

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Mother Goose, Astrophysicist

Today it exists as just one line in a children’s nursery rhyme, but for scientific thinkers of the seventeenth century, the task of getting a cow to jump over the moon was a daunting one, plagued by false starts, setbacks, and a lingering doubt that such a thing was necessary or even a good idea. In the image below, we see the outcome of one such early attempt.

Back to the drawing parchment there, Newton.

Maybe if they’d waited until spring, Sharon H.

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The Joy of Panting, With Dog Ross

“Welcome to the show. It’s always a good day to paint, so let’s get started on this landscape. First, we’ll add some happy little clouds, and then an ecstatic little mountain covered with reasonably contented little snow, and then some happy little trees, and then some more happy little trees, and some more trees…”

I… I really like trees.

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