These Goats Are so Metal

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Now we have some major news: Science has perfected the goat-to-English translator, which means we can finally hear what these guys were saying to each other.

Kinda what I was expecting, Gigi the cat lady.

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Pointer en Pointe

Is your dog trying to tell you something? She probably is, because none of our furry friends is as communicative as the loyal canine. Dogs have a rich variety of methods to let us know what they are thinking and feeling, from vocalizations ranging from worried whimpers to boisterous barks; visual cues such as tail position and the well-known “play pose”; and, in outlying cases, interpretive dance.

I call this one “Ode to the Rapture of Trees.”

Via Twitter.

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Links: Shameless Pandering Edition

And finally: Ducks. Just… Ducks

These ducks work at a vineyard in South Africa, where they eat destructive snails.

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